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Passport Renewal

Its been a while since my last entry that is not from my e-mail.. I think my last entry was way back from 2009.. So I decided to write a entry, and because I have not been practicing my english since I left the hospital.

Last night(Dec 3 2010) my father told me to wake up at 11AM and prepare because the 3 of us (my father, brother and me) were going to renew our expired passports. I thought we were going to the DFA near MOA. But, I thought wrong he brought us to the Quezon City Hall. My father told me that the government of Quezon City has a program that issues passports for Quezon City residents but, for a limited number of applicants if I heard right the maximum is only 500.

The whole process took less than 2 hours and while waiting I watched 2 episodes of Jigoku Shoujo Live Action, played Tekken 6 etc. When it was already my turn they took my photo and other needed including my application form(hindi mawawala yan hahaha), after that they told me to come back on Jan 8.

After we were done in there, we went to Trinoma because my brother needed to fit his new glasses.After that we ate at burger king because my stupid idiot of a brother always opposes my choice of restaurants. hmm

O well that's all for my adventure for today. hay naku sana tinagalog ko na lang ang hirap talagang mag ENGLISH hahahaha..


December 2010

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